Feed the Day.

In order to do well, you’ve got to eat well.
Projuce gives you the fuel you need to do your best.

Feed the Day.

In order to do well, you’ve got to eat well.
Projuce gives you the fuel you need to do your best.

Projuce is the world’s first line of nutritional products designed to help you maximize your productivity through natural, plant-based nutrition.


Because eating well is hard enough already.

Eating healthy is hard, and even harder when you’re tied to a desk or traveling all day. You know you should eat better, but usually end up grabbing whatever’s convenient or skipping lunch entirely. As a result, you’re missing out on key nutrients you need to meet the demands of work or school.

There are plenty of products out there that help you get your proper nutrition. But to us, none of them felt quite right—too much sugar, too many additives, too extreme or just too expensive. But we couldn’t find anything that provided what we were looking for: simple, familiar nutrition that fit our lifestyle. So we decided to create it.

The result is the world’s first food product designed specifically for work. We kept it simple: powdered, whole fruits & vegetables—ingredients that you know and know are good for you. And we made it convenient: a single serve packet that you can bring anywhere. Just add water, and you’ve got a nutrient packed drink that goes down easy and helps you keep crushing it all day long.

Simple, healthy, convenient. Whether you’re looking to combat your afternoon slump, fuel your all nighter or simply add a few needed nutrients to whatever you grabbed for lunch, Projuce makes it easy for you to Feed The Day.


Ingredients you know, and know are good for you.

We’ve limited our ingredients to just the essentials. No trendy superfoods or fillers—just honest to goodness fruits & vegetables. Because we believe that for most people, most of the time, that’s all that’s needed. When in doubt or pressed for time, just listen to your Mother and eat your vegetables.


The next best thing to the real thing.

Projuce uses only raw, organic, and whole foods, so maintains more of the natural goodness Mother Nature intended. And it’s lower in sugar and higher in fiber, to help you stay full for longer, without any crash. So you can stop worrying about what you’re eating and focus on getting things done.


Nutrition that is always there for you.

A full day’s supply of fruits & veggies, ready to go in 30 seconds. Our pocket-size packets are ultra portable, have a long shelf-life, and start at less than $4 each. So no matter where your work (or life) takes you, you’ll always have healthy nutrition on hand.


Made to fit your workstyle.

Our complete line of products (coming soon) makes it easy to get the benefits you want, without extra ingredients you don’t. Whether your looking to find your focus, need a little extra energy, or are trying to stay full long enough to make that deadline, there’s a Projuce for you.

Our Partners

To ensure the quality and integrity of our materials, all of our partners are vetted to ensure they meet our requirements.

Sourced from family owned farms in the USA

Our main provider is a family farm located in the mid-west that has been in business since 1856. We value small business and will never source our materials from faceless agri-corps.

Vertically integrated from farm to formulation

Our products are grown, harvested, processed and shipped from the same provider, providing a high level of transparency and traceability.

Local and small packers and shippers

We use small, local packers and shippers whenever possible, to cut down on our environmental footprint and support local business.

Full certification and regulatory compliance

SQF Level 3 Certified, Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU), Organic approved by QAI, HACCP compliant, BRC Inspected as per GFSI, GMP, FDA and USDA compliant