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Projuce was founded to provide makers, thinkers and tinkerers with the simple, healthy and convenient nutrition they need to power their long days.

We’re not vegan, and we don’t count ketones or calories. We’re not up to date on the latest scientific research, and aren’t trying to hack eating. We don’t sponsor studies, or pay people to endorse our products. We’re not VC funded, and aren’t looking to change the world.

We’re just a couple of professionals trying to balance work, health and home. Who were frustrated by the lack of products that gave us what we needed and fit easily within our busy lifestyles. And who realized that when we eat better, we feel better–and when we feel better, we do better. Feed the Day.

“We’re not trying to ‘hack eating’, help you climb mountains, or even replace your meals. We’re just trying to give you more of what you know you need—and make it as easy as possible.”

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